A unique home and Spa series. A time of sharing, friendship, love and togetherness. Wellness in Being.


Les Baigneuses ( The Bathers )

Clothing oriented Spa and Wellness series for women and men in our home. A celebration of life and love together. All garments are mortal and thus will change with time and move with life. 

Les Baigneuses presents a set of body works; including bathrobes, morning coats, robe du jour, smoking coats and 'my body'. L'ensemble. 

Mother earth

These pieces are a collaboration between artisans and artists. The use of traditional craftsmanship is transparent and all efforts involved in production have been under respectful working conditions; this is a human exchange.

All fabrics are existing and 100% natural. They are balanced between two components; day and night, cooling and warming, desiring and comforting, linen and wool, wool and cotton. These materials express adaption to temperatures, as well as to the moments and rituals of daily life. It is as though they know natural rhythm - a communion before and after the bath.